Whenever we affix a mezuzah to our doorposts, we feel the special connection to God, our Torah, and to Jewish households around the world. Putting up a mezuzah on your doorpost is one of those defining commandments that transforms our homes into an identifiably Jewish home.

Synagogues are traditionally exempt from needing a mezuzah since the commandment only applies to places where you reside, which is why at Beth Shalom we have so far only placed mezuzot on our exterior entries and sanctuary doors. Nevertheless, the prevailing custom today is to affix a mezuzah on all of our doorways (except rest rooms), which is why mezuzot are commonly seen today on most doorways in our synagogues and schools.

Since at Beth Shalom we have not yet affixed mezuzot to all our rooms, and some the existing mezuzot are falling into disrepair, we have decided that this year as a community we need to remedy that and place new mezuzot throughout our shul building..

So I hope you will join us in making this year our “Year of the Mezuzah” (in the same spirit that we marked last year as our “Year of the Torah”, restoring our precious Holocaust Torah scroll.

And this year we look to all of you to help us make that happen. So we encourage you to participate in this important and meaningful mitzvah, and help us beautify and strengthen Beth Shalom in the process!

Click Here to see the many dedication opportunities and to choose how you would like to support the Mezuzah Project.

Our Mezuzah Project will culminate with a dedication on Sunday, March 5th when we affix the Mezuzah’s on all of the doors in the synagogue.  A plaque will also be erected for donors