CBS Library

Visit our Beth Shalom Library for a wide selection of fiction, non-fiction and many Holiday books.  Thanks to the many contributions to the Martin Yanuck Library Fund and book donations, several new title have been added to our Library shelves.


“Days After Night” by Anita Diamant

“On Judaism” by Rabbi Emanuel Feldman

“Yamim Nora’im” (Days of Awe)

“Every Spy a Prince” by Dan Raviv

“The Course of Modern Jewish History” by Howard Sachar

“Animal Life in Jewish Tradition” by Rabbi Elijah Schochet

“The Path of Blessing” by Rabbi Marcia Prager

“Soul Judaism” by Rabbi Wayne Dosick


 For more information or questions, contact Reina Nuernberger, Beth Shalom Librarian, in our Beth Shalom Office.