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Weekly News and Updates

As I write this week’s email I am keeping one eye on Irma. As many of you, the Rabbi and I have family and friends in the path of the storm. I pray that everyone stays safe and that the damage will be minimal.
The latest models of the hurricane are showing that we could possibility have strong winds and storms on Monday into Tuesday. It is too early to know if we will have any problems so we are not making any decisions today on next Tuesday’s classes. If for some reason we need to cancel, you will receive a text message.
Check out the calendar on the Beth Shalom website each week to see if their will be services that Shabbat. Tot Shabbat and Mini-minyan begins at 10:45am and Junior Congregation begins at 10:30am.
Gilner Religious School News
  • Our Tuesday On-Line Classrooms are up and running. Material was uploaded on Tuesday and emails were sent with log in information. If you have any trouble logging in please contact me.
  • There is Tot Shabbat, Mini Minyan and Junior Congregation tomorrow, Sept. 10th
  • Join our 1st graders tonight, as we welcome them into formal Jewish education with a mini Torah and sweets. This is also our Family Shabbat Service and we will recognize September birthdays.
  • Our first Teen Scene class of the year will be this Sunday, September 10th.
  • On Sunday, September 10th, there will be a 7th Grade Parent’s Meeting to discuss the Bar/Bat Mitzvah year. The meeting will take place in the 7th grade classroom at 11:30am.
  • The first Shabbat class of the year is on Saturday, September 23rd, there will be no school on Sunday, the 24th.
  • The full GRS calendar for 2017-2018 can be found on the Education page of the Beth Shalom website.  To contact Linda Zimmerman, the Director of Lifelong Learning click here.


For All Families
  • There will be youth services for children from tots to 12th graders, for the High Holidays. Look for signs in the main entrance as to the location of each service.
  • We hope to see everyone for ourSimchat Torah Pizza Dinner and Celebration on Thursday, October 12th, at 6:00pm. Watch for more information.
  • All children in preschool through 6th grade are welcome on Shabbat mornings to our youth services. Tot Shabbat and Mini Minyan meet most weeks and Junior Congregation meets approximately twice a month. Check the website for specific dates.


Youth Department Updates
  • USY (9-12 grade) Solve the Mystery 9/10. Join up with your fellow USYers to solve the mystery. Following Teen Scene at 1:15 until 3:30 – Lunch is included
  • Kadima (6-8 grade) Game On 9/17. Play games like manhunt, four corners and hide and go seek with your favorite friends in Kadima -12:15-1:45. Lunch is Included
  • Jr. Kadima (3-5 grade)- Life Sized Board Games 9/24. Join Jr. Kadima at 12:15 for lunch and another edition of Life Sized board games. 12:15-1:30. Lunch is included.
  • Programs are open to any Jewish students in 3rd – 12th grades. To join any of the Beth Shalom Youth Groups or for more information, please contact Ryan Tourial, Youth Director.


Parsha Ki Tavo
Very often the name of the Parsha, or section, that we are reading on a particular week is the opening words of the reading. Last week it was “Ki Teitzei” about going out – in that case, to war. This week it is “Ki Tavo” about coming in – entering the Land of Israel. Not just entering it, in fact, but possessing it and taking responsibility for it.
Moses gives the people of Israel the guidelines for establishing a just nation, united in a way of life that remembers and reveres its past, and applies its religious principles to its daily life.
The parsha talks about tithing ones crops to express appreciation to the land, and to provide support for the Levi’im and Cohanim in the Temple. It was also the farmer’s duty to bring the first fruits of his land to Jerusalem, and to share them with the Levites, and with others who had no land – “strangers”, widows and orphans.
Building a nation was no easy task for 12 tribes whose parents were slaves. Moses reminds the Israelites that they are the Chosen People and that they in turn have chosen God.
But then Moses continues with the Tochachah (rebuke). After listing the blessings with which God will reward the people when they follow the laws of the Torah, Moses gives a long, harsh account of the bad things – illness, faminie, poverty, and exile, that will befall them if they abandon God’s commandments.
If we think about the terms of going out and coming in, we see that both messages are stated in the singular. Whether we live in Israel or anywhere else each of us must take whatever responsibility we can for our own lives, the lives of our children, and of the strangers among us.
As you prepare yourselves for the coming Yamim Noraim, days of awe, think about what you are doing to help others, and better yourselves for the year to come.
Moses concludes the parsha by telling the people that only today, forty years after their birth as a people, have they attained “a heart to know, eyes to see, and ears to hear.”
Shabbat Shalom,
Linda Zimmerman
Director of Lifelong Learning