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Don’t Forget To Change Your Clocks Saturday Night.

You don’t want to miss all of the fun on Sunday.


Gilner Religious School News

  • There will be NO Mini-Minyan this Saturday, March 4th. We will be celebrating Purim Saturday night and Sunday.
  • Sunday Schedule: There will be school from 9:15 to 11:00. At 11:00 parents will join their children in the sanctuary for a Children’s Megillah Reading followed by the Pirates and Mermaids Purim Carnival from 11:30 to 1:30.
  • Third grade and new student Siddur Presentation will take place on Friday night, March 24th. The children will lead parts of the service and be presented with their very own Siddur. Services will be followed by a potluck dinner.
  • There will be no school next Sunday, March 19th, due to the synagogue retreat at Camp Ramah Darom. We have 107 people attending the retreat, 49 of which are children.
  • The calendar states that there will be Mini Minyan and Junior Congregation on Saturday, March 18th. There will be Mini Minyan, however there will not be Junior Congregation. Ryan Tourial will be leading youth programming at the retreat.

The full GRS calendar can be found hereTo contact Linda Zimmerman, the Director of Lifelong Learning click here.


For All Families

  • Purim is here! Our annual carnival will be on March 12th, from 11:30 – 1:30, following the Children’s Megillah reading at 11:00am.  This year’s theme is “Pirates and Mermaids”.
  • Megillah Tequila! Join us Saturday night, March 11th for the full Megillah reading followed by Klezmer Music, Israeli Dancing, and Tequila!
  • The Alephbet Preschool PTO is holding a Toyraiser to support the school! Purchase toys for your family or your friends and the school will get a percentage of the sale. You can order on-line at:

Join the Beth Shalom Team for the annual Daffodil Dash. Our students will be out for Spring Break. This is a program of Am Yisrael Chai which helped us to plant the daffodils at the synagogue.Sign up here.


Youth Department Updates

  • If you would like to help out on the Purim Carnival contact Ryan at:


Parsha Tetzaveh

  • In this week’s parsha, God tells Moses to get from the children of Israel pure olive oil to feed the “everlasting flame” of the menorah. Aaron was assigned to make sure the menorah stayed lit from “evening till night” to serve as a light for God for all generations.
  • We also read about the priestly garments to be worn by the kohanim (priests) while serving in the Sanctuary. All the kohanim wore a full length linen tunic called a ketonet, linen breeches called michnasayim, mitznefetor migba’at a linen turban, and an avnet – a long sash wound above the waist.
  • In addition, the Kohen Gadol (high priest) wore the efod, an apron-like garment made of blue, purple, and red dyed wool/linen with a gold thread running through it. The choshen, a breastplate containing twelve precious stones, each inscribed with one of the names of the twelve tribes of Israel. He also wore a me’il, a cloak of blue wool, with gold bells and decorative pomegranates on the hem and tzitz, a golden plate worn on the forehead bearing the inscription “Holy to God”.
  • It is amazing how detailed of a description of the garments that the priests wore. This weekend we are celebrating the holiday of Purim. Purim is one of the most joyous and fun holidays on the Jewish calendar. It commemorates a time when the Jewish people living in Persia were saved from extermination. We celebrate by retelling the story by reading the Megillah and throwing a costume party. I hope to see everyone in their festive garments. How detailed can you get. While anything goes, this year’s carnival theme is Pirates and Mermaids.
  • We will be reading the full Megillah Saturday night followed by a festive evening of song and dance with the band Oy Klezmer. The full Megillah will be read again in the morning Minyan at 9:30 and then a shorten children’s service will take place at 11:00 followed by the carnival at 11:30. Hope to see you all there.

Shabbat Shalom and Chag Sameach,

Linda Zimmerman, Director of Lifelong Learning